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I wanted to take a moment and thank all of the people that have allowed me to share their work. All of the postings have the links to the original posting - click on the name of their site. If you find something that you really enjoy please take a minute to go to their site and leave them some love!! Without them, without their permission this would not exist. I try not to get to many from one person - unless what they have is so unique. I do not get anything in return from them...but let them know you found them here with me Jackie at Glitter Fantasies.

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My name is Jackie I am 45 and I love crafts!! In the groups I am in, they know me as Elfy - a nickname I have had forever..and since there are so many Jackie's in the groups we all have to have some way to distinguish ourselves. I have 2 Shih Tzu's - Neola and Baby Bowser, they are spoiled and my world.
This is Neola, she was the Nutcracker dog for Ballet Florida in West Palm Beach..she is such a diva!!

And this is Baby Bowser, although he is just over 3 years old he acts like he is 3 months old, he is such a silly little character!! He is all but 8 pounds, this was after he went to groomer in Florida, now since it is so cold here in Ohio I have left his hair grow out to help keep him warmer.
He has a thing for paper rolls, every time we get empty one from paper towels have to cut it up for him. We laughed over Christmas he even tried to take the empty ones from wrapping paper that were 5x longer than he was. He just runs around, barks at them but never eats them luckily!

I love my work, I basically get paid to play, what more can you ask for. I work in live theater and the arts as an electrician, pyro tech and fx specialist.

I am a Fiskateer member #6662 and love it, they really share things in the group. They even sent me a nice pair of Fiskar scissors with my number on it!! Needless to say I never use them!! You can sign up by following the blinky here. My user name is GlitterFantasies, I think you need a member name in order to sign up.

I wanted to start a blog to help me to keep a journal of the things I enjoy doing, especially my crafts, which is mostly card making. Although I cannot wait to venture out and make my own paper and practice all the things I have read and watched about.

This blog has turned out to be much more than I had originally planned but I am loving every minute of it. I decided to ask permission to post tutorials for projects that I thought were amazing and so far every author has given me permission. So go through my tutorials and don't forget to follow link to their place as they have so much on them!! I only have to much time to do things.

Please feel free to leave me a comment, and if you follow me leave me a comment on how to find you so I can follow you!! See you soon...happy blogging!!!