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I wanted to take a moment and thank all of the people that have allowed me to share their work. All of the postings have the links to the original posting - click on the name of their site. If you find something that you really enjoy please take a minute to go to their site and leave them some love!! Without them, without their permission this would not exist. I try not to get to many from one person - unless what they have is so unique. I do not get anything in return from them...but let them know you found them here with me Jackie at Glitter Fantasies.

Tutorials, Ideas and Misc Places + Facebook links

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Since I have been coming across so many blogs and sites I decided to basically make a page for them, as I go on I am going to try to have their buttons instead of just a link...give me time LOL. So here you are..all of my favorite blogs!! Right now there really isn't any order to them ....hopefully one day there will be. I guess I don't have to recommend that you sign up for any mailing lists that they have...never want to miss something!!

Video Tutorials!!

  • Love the tutorial on glue drops

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Definitely worth your time!!!
Creations with Christina
She does great tutorials and tutorial series
Get Scrabooking, Cricut, Craft Project Ideas and More at Above Rubies Studio!
Tutorials, Cutting Guide, DVD's, Sketch Sheets....the list is endless

Cricut Chick

Everyday Cricut

Rock Girl Custom Designs

Looking for files to cut - look no further!! Plus amazing creations!
Generated image
Great place for finding certain images
Karin with Scrapper Creations is very active with the new Cricut Craft Room

Great face tutorial
Jo use to teach card making...imagine what you will find here!

LeeLou http://www.leeloublogs.blogspot.com/
Quilling Patch http://www.quillingpatch.com/
My Crafty Life http://dan99.blogspot.com/

Packaging Templates http://yayoi.senri.ed.jp/departments/OISTech/OISDT/gr7dt/templates.htm this is loaded with every type of template to make packages from!!

http://www.casualbloggercommunity.com/  This is a great place to introduce your blog and learn about others out there.
http://www.art-e-zine.co.uk/vintageresources.html An amazing collection of vintage photos!!
http://www.disneyclips.com/ Yep, lots of Disney clipart!!
http://www.disneysites.com/ And even more clipart from Disney!!

Paper This and That http://paperthisandthat.blogspot.com/
Amazing Paper Grace http://www.amazingpapergrace.com/ 
Scrappin 3rdeeschick http://scrappin3rdeeschik.blogspot.com/ 

Places for fonts

Since I seem to be getting more and more involved with Facebook I thought I would add a page. If you have a Facebook page, let me know and I can add you!
I guess I should start off with my Facebook


Cricut Craft Room


Tim Holtz

Crafts To Favor