About the creators

I wanted to take a moment and thank all of the people that have allowed me to share their work. All of the postings have the links to the original posting - click on the name of their site. If you find something that you really enjoy please take a minute to go to their site and leave them some love!! Without them, without their permission this would not exist. I try not to get to many from one person - unless what they have is so unique. I do not get anything in return from them...but let them know you found them here with me Jackie at Glitter Fantasies.

Collections and Wish List

Following is what I own, someplace I can keep notes and also know what I have when I go shopping for more stuff I have to have! Also any new toy I find that I just know I have to have LOL!

Things I want to find / try:
Ribbon Slot Punch Tool

The new eBosser from Craftwell... don't know much about it, so I cannot wait until more info and maybe a few videos? come out!

Donna Dewberry - I love her one stroke painting - really want to learn. http://www.dewberrycrafts.com/

Tim Holtz Dies - esp the butterfly!!!!

Ok I just found this and this is great and the prices are really reasonable We R Memory Keepers tool Sew Easy

Perfect Layers tool - I just found this and I have to tell you I need to have this!!! If you know where I can get a set please let me know..I cannot find them anywhere!

Glaze 3-D Glossy Ink http://www.sakuraofamerica.com/pen-3d-pen

Make my own paper

Opaque 3D Markers by Sakura - need to check out what the results are, but seem interesting

Tim Holtz's distress inks..need them, want them ALL!!

Sakura Stardust Gelly Roll Pens - suppose to be really glittery..and I LOVE glitter

i-rock Tool - still debating...need to do more research before I made decision

Border and corner punches
Martha Stewart - Snow Flurry Punch Around The Page Set (Martha Stewart)
EK Success - EK-PSN-54-40046 E Swirl Success Border Punch Swirl
EK Success - EK-PSN-54-40053 EK Success Border Punch Acanthus Leaf
EK Success - EK-PSN-54-40041 EK Succes Border Punch Starry Night
EK Success - EK-PSN-54-40055 EK Success Border Punch Wavy Dotted Scallop
EK Success - EK-PSN-54-40059 EK Success Border Punch Double Crochet Lace
EK Success - EK-EKPL-8019 EK Success Border Punch Candles
EK Success - EK-PSN-54-40018 EK Success Border Punch English Ivy
EK Success - EK-PSN-54-40024 EK Success Border Punch Graceful Heart 
EK Success - EKPL-B-8019 Slim Edger Punch Candles 
Fiskars - BP-2343 Scrapbook Paper Boarder Punches300 
Fiskars - 2336 7097 Border Punch - Sunburst
Fiskars - 12-23427097 Border Punch, Leaf 
Fiskars 12-23437097 Border Punch, Flowers 
Fiskars BP-1045 Border Punch, Treading Water
Martha Stewart - Around the page Crackle
Martha Stewart - Around the page Ghosts

Misc special punches
Paper Shapers Pop-Up Medium Punch - Butterfly

Peachy Keen Stamps
Everyday Assortment PK-490  - My first set!!!

I found this on the Spellbinder site, the file they have are all in numerical order. I arranged this list by type then numerical order. Theirs you can print off and has a check off list here is the link if you want to d/l and print it out. You can save and print it out http://www.spellbinderspaperarts.com/die-list
To help keep me organized the ones I have are highlighted.

Have but cannot find in list
Nested Pine trees

Spellbinder Products
I2-1001 Paisley
I2-1002 Butterfly
I2-1003 Snowflake
I2-1004 Flowers
I2-1005 Circle
I2-1006 Floral and Stone
I2-1007 Diamonds & Stars
I2-1008 Tulips
I2-1009 Flourish
I2-1010 Pebbles
I2-1013 Fleur de Lis Stripe
I2-1014 Fleur de Lis Pattern
I2-1015 Flower Silhouette

S3-004 Symbology 1
S3-014 Baby Boy
S3-024 Sand Castle Fun
S3-026 Film Strip
S3-028 Standard Tags
S3-030 Tag Shape 3
S3-031 Scalloped Tags
S3-034 Ladies Fashion Buckles
S3-038 Butterflies
S3-087 Charms & Rods
S3-093 Flower Dreams
S3-102 Hardware Buckles
S3-103 Spirellibilities Petals
S3-104 Spirellibilities Rounded Petals
S3-107 Decorative Photo Corners
S3-139 Holly & Lights
S3-146 Butterflies 2
S3-147 Labels Trio
S3-148 Tags Trio
S3-149 Double Ended Tags
S3-150 Ribbon Tags Trio

S4-008 Bugs
S4-014 Timeless Heritage
S4-072 Flower Creations
S4-076 Assorted Leaves
S4-081 Tags Five
S4-085 Snowflake Wonder
S4-109 Flower Creations Three
S4-121 Doodles Parts
S4-123 Flying Beauties
S4-156 Cupcakes
S4-157 Sunflower Set One
S4-158 Sunflower Set Two
S4-198 Flourish Accent
S4-199 Floral Accent
S4-200 Flower Bouquet Miniabilities
S4-203 Contemporary Hearts Pendants
S4-204 Fleur De Lis Pendants
S4-205 Eyelets Pendants
S4-206 Renaissance Hearts Pendants
S4-207 Kaleidoscope Pendants
S4-208 In Spades Pendants
S4-209 Tulips Pendants
S4-210 Lattice Pendants

S4-234 Ribbon Tags Trio Two
S4-235 Fancy TagsS4-269 Lotus Pendants
S4-270 Fair Isle Pendants
S4-271 Nested Owls
S4-272 Surf's Up
S4-273 From the Sea
S4-274 Nested Fish
S4-275 Nested Ice Cream Cones
S4-276 Sweet Treats
S5-001 Unicase Mosaic
S5-003 Abstract Mosaic

S4-043 Daisy Patch
S4-044 Rose Blossoms
S5-004 Sunflower Garden

S4-092 Stars Five
S4-110 Classic Ovals LG
S4-111 Classic Scalloped Ovals LG
S4-112 Classic Ovals SM
S4-113 Classic Scalloped Ovals SM
S4-114 Standard Circles LG
S4-115 Petite Scalloped Circles LG
S4-116 Standard Circles SM
S4-117 Petite Scalloped Circles SM
S4-124 Classic Scalloped Circles LG
S4-125 Classic Scalloped Circles SM
S4-126 Classic Squares LG
S4-127 Classic Scalloped Squares LG
S4-128 Classic Squares SM
S4-129 Classic Scalloped Squares SM
S4-130 Classic Rectangles SM
S4-131 Classic Scalloped Rectangles SM
S4-132 Classic Rectangles LG
S4-133 Classic Scalloped Rectangles LG
S4-134 Classic Paisley
S4-135 Classic Scalloped Paisley
S4-136 Classic Heart
S4-137 Classic Scalloped Heart
S4-138 Petite Ovals LG
S4-139 Petite Scalloped Ovals LG
S4-140 Petite Ovals SM
S4-141 Petite Scalloped Ovals SM
S4-142 Long Classic Rectangles LG
S4-143 Long Classic Scalloped Rectangles LG
S4-144 Long Classic Rectangles SM
S4-145 Long Classic Scalloped Rectangles SM
S4-161 Labels One
S4-162 Labels Two
S4-168 Large Labels
S4-169 Small Labels
S4-170 Pinking Circles LG
S4-172 Pinking Circles SM
S4-185 Large Octagons
S4-186 Small Octagons
S4-187 Large Scalloped Octagons
S4-188 Small Scalloped Octagons
S4-189 Labels Three
S4-190 Labels Four
S4-191 Dahlia
S4-192 Blossom
S4-193 Peony
S4-194 Classic Inverted Scalloped Circles LG
S4-195 Classic Inverted Scalloped Circles SM
S4-196 Classic Inverted Scalloped Squares LG
S4-197 Classic Inverted Scalloped Squares
SMS4-201 Deckled Rectangles SM
S4-202 Deckled Rectangles LG
S4-229 Labels Five
S4-230 Labels Six
S4-231 Labels Seven
S4-232 Blossom Two
S4-233 Labels Nine
S4-246 Labels Eleven
S4-247 Labels Twelve
S4-248 Labels Thirteen
S4-249 Big Scalloped Circles LG
S4-250 Big Scalloped Circles SM
S4-251 Big Scalloped Ovals LG
S4-252 Big Scalloped Ovals SM
S4-253 Big Scalloped Squares LG
S4-254 Big Scalloped Squares SM
S4-255 Big Scalloped Rectangles LG
S4-256 Big Scalloped Rectangels SM
S4-259 Deckled Edge Classic Ovals LG
S5-006 Curved Rectangles Mega-Nestabilities
S5-014 Small Deckled Mega Rectangles
S5-015 Large Deckled Mega Rectangles
S5-019 Labels Eight
S5-022 Labels Ten
S5-023 Mega Ovals LG
S5-024 Mega Classic Scalloped Ovals LG

Borderabilities Petite
S4-163 Small Daisy Border
S4-164 Small Rose Border
S4-211 Tulips Borderabilities Petite
S4-212 Contemporary Hearts Borderabilities Petites
S4-213 Fleur De Lis Borderabilities Petites
S4-214 Eyelets Borderabilities Petite
S4-215 Renaissance Hearts Borderabilities Petite
S4-216 Kaleidoscope Borderabilities Petite
S4-217 In Spades Borderabilities Petite
S4-218 Lattice Borderabilities Petite
S4-239 Classic Scalloped Borderabilities Petite
S4-240 Lotus Borderabilities Petite
S4-241 Jumbo Scalloped Borderabilities Petite
S4-242 Big Scalloped Borderabilities Petite
S4-243 Ric Rac Diamond Borderabilities Petite
S4-244 Fair Isle Borderabilities Petite

S5-005 Decorative Frames
S5-011 Scalloped Edge Frame
S5-012 Classic Frame
S5-016 Polka Dot Frame

Borderabilities Grand
S7-001 Grand 12" Rose Border
S7-002 Grand 12" Wisteria Border
S7-003 Grand 12" Daisy Border
S7-004 Large Illumination Borderabilities Grand
S7-011 Grand 12"Confetti Border
S7-012 Grand 12" Flower Whimsy Border
S7-013 Grand 12" Heirloom Scroll Border
S7-014 Grand 12" Classic Lace Border
S7-015 Grand 12" Holiday Lights Border
S7-016 Grand 12" Poinsettia Border
S7-017 Grand 12" On the Vine Border
S7-018 Big Scalloped Border Grand

Nesties-001 Classic Ovals
Nesties-002 Classic Squares
Nesties-003 Classic Rectangles
Nesties-004 Standard & Petite Circles
Nesties-005 Classic & Standard Circles
Nesties-006 Petite Ovals
Nesties-007 Long Classic Rectangles
Nesties-008 Nesties Octagons Nestabilities Sets
Nesties-009 Nesties Flowers Nestabilities Sets
Nesties-010 Nesties Labels-A Nestabilities Sets

Presto Punch
PP-001 Presto Punch Machine
P3-001 Circles
P3-002 Squares
P3-003 Rectangles
P3-004 Ovals
P3-005 Hearts
P3-006 Stars
P3-007 Flowers
P3-008 Labels A
P3-009 Labels B
P3-010 Labels C
P5-001 Fall Leaves
P5-002 Petal Pack
P5-003 Party Pack
PT-F01 Plain Jane (Capitol)
PT-F02 Plain Jane (lower case)
PT-F03 Noble Roman