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Sunday, December 19, 2010

I have been thinking

I have been so busy getting ready for holidays, making cards, buying gifts, while also trying to make time to play with my new toys. I just got a Gypsy and stumbling through learning how to use it. The gypsy and the Imagine are going to get a healthy workout together!!

Since I love the idea about blog candy, the idea of sharing things, and I love giving things away - I think I have come up with a solution. I want to find some designers that make files for Cricut, or just digital stamps. And let followers leave comments to decide which designer each month will win some blog candy. Then let followers create something from that particular image. Submit a photo and the original designer will pick who gets that blog candy. I think this will be great way to share, learn and discover new tricks and ideas.

So I guess for now I need to work on getting more followers and see if anyone has an interest in the design part.

Christmas is right around the corner and I am so not ready for it, I need to make 5 nice cards to hold money for my nephews. They are to big for toys so at their age I think money would be best choice for them.

I am diving in head first into embossing, I have owned all of the supplies for a long time now, just never was ready to take the dive. I think once I start that will be it - I will be embossing everything LOL.  And I now learned that Cutters Creek carries all 24 colors of glitter cardstock (I never knew they made 12 x 12 sheets) So I am excited about getting that paper - the endless possibilities I can do with that! And I love glitter!!!!

Hope everyone is having a safe and wonderful holiday season!!


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