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Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Needless to say this year was far better than I could of ever wished or hoped for - but you know how Karma works...it always has a way of coming around full circle and I guess it figured I needed it to come around this Christmas. I started off winning the Cricut Imagine, followed by a Gypsy (with an extra cartridge no less, and all the accessories - in pink!!!), while doing last minute shopping I found a set of Pearlescent chalks and a set of Perfect Pearls on clearance!! A friend of mine bought me a heat gun, so here I come embossing and making my own flowers. I also received gift cards so that I can start to begin my collection of Spellbinders... I only recently learned what they do and I was instantly hooked!!

Christmas day was spent at my step brothers and his wife's home along with rest of the family. Let me tell all of you how great they were. This year I had overspent as normal, but wasn't able to really buy like I enjoy doing, so I really didn't expect much. Actually my mom took a couple of gifts they had bought me over to the house so I would have something to open also while they were exchanging gifts. Well she didn't have to!! I received amazing gifts from all of them!!  I was so happy I could not explain in words. Some of my relatives also sent me gifts this year. I think they were trying to make up for last year which I spent alone packing my home as I had signed paperwork several days earlier having to lose my home..it by far was worse Christmas ever for me. I would however will never forget my neighbors that had me over for dinner and I had a wonderful time with them on Christmas eve, they opened their home to me and even on Christmas day my neighbor and her mother brought over trays and dishes loaded with tons of food and deserts!! They knew I was alone and hadn't thought of cooking and they would be gone most of day and wanted to make sure I had plenty of Holiday cheer!!

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