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I wanted to take a moment and thank all of the people that have allowed me to share their work. All of the postings have the links to the original posting - click on the name of their site. If you find something that you really enjoy please take a minute to go to their site and leave them some love!! Without them, without their permission this would not exist. I try not to get to many from one person - unless what they have is so unique. I do not get anything in return from them...but let them know you found them here with me Jackie at Glitter Fantasies.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Wow thanks everyone for being followers!!! When I started this blog of course I had hoped to eventually (over a very long time) get some followers - I refreshed and saw 25!! I am so excited and thanks to everyone. I am definitely doing a drawing once I hit 100 followers!! I just have no idea how to do it yet LOL.

Hope everyone finds something they enjoy and please please if you have something to share that you think it would be great if others knew - let me know!!!  I will gladly post it - it can be tutorial, hints, tricks or a favorite place online!! Just please if it is something such as tutorial if it is yours make sure I know I have permission to post it.

Have a great one everyone!!


  1. I love your blog, but I didnt know we were in the Cardmaking group together. So please, allow me to be follower number 26. CONGRATULATIONS!!

    Kim in Az.

  2. And another cardmaking member joins the list

  3. Congratulations!! Whoopwhoop, lol!
    Just wondered if some of your followers would like to get to know Nikki, who is an illustrator and does some fantastic digi freebies....if you have something you'd like her to draw, she's really happy to do it...so drop by, and say Hello 'cos you'll love her images :D
    Nikki's blog is melonheadzillustrating.blogspot.com.