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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cricut Cartridges info with samples

I have been pondering over what to do about Cricut cartridges. When deciding which ones I want like everyone I look at what is on it, then I try to find examples of what others have made with it (hehe I also always want to know how many points I can get), also any unique things such as limited, full cart, seasonal etc... So I decided to do a post for every cart and include all of these little tid bits. I will also include any videos that I run across - I know Christina makes some excellent ones which really help you decide if you really want it, and if you do they are great for ideas! The labels will obviously be name of cart along with Cricut and cartridges and whatever else it may fall under such as Christmas or flowers etc and I since this is to help me keep organized I decided to label ones I have or my forever long wish list LOL... So I hope someone finds this helpful in some way, if so please let me know....if there is something that you look for let me know I am always looking for ways to make this place more end info!!! Be sure to check back occasionally as I will be adding to the original posting new ideas I find - I opted to do this so that all of the info and ideas are all in one posting to help make it all easier to find. Any images will be linkable to original site with credit underneath.

Have a GREAT day everyone!!!

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