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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I got featured on Casual Blogger

Hello everyone that is visiting here from  Casual  Blogger - I am so tickled that I was picked. I signed up a while ago and never put much thought into it....but I received an email today that I was going to be featured tomorrow.  So I would like to welcome everyone and I hope you enjoy what you see and hopefully see something you like and would like to try as well. Someday's I feel like I am posting non-stop and other days nothing.

Please keep in mind that I wrote and asked for permission to post items, if you yourself would like to copy any please go back to original person that wrote it and ask. I only have a couple that I have not heard back from and others just ask that you give credit and link back.  I always have links and names if I can find them it is all in the top paragraph before the tutorials or whatever the post is about.

If you follow me please leave me a comment below so that I know how to find your blog to follow!!! If you have a unique tutorial please let me know. I try to get complete instructions with photos that are easy to follow and having a video with it is like winning Bingo!!

Have fun around here!!!!

If you know of any hints or tricks to help make this more user friendly I am open to ideas!


  1. Hi Jackie!
    I was actually about to unsubscribe from Casual Blogger 'cos I didn't seem to be finding anything that "grabbed" me....and then I found you! Love your style, girlie....just became your stalker....oops!...follower, :D.

  2. Congrats on being featured!

    I hate to admit that I hardly ever visit the Casual Blogger features, but I had to come by and say hi to you. I need more crafts in my life.