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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tags, Bags, Boxes and More

The first cart I am going to highlight is one of my favorites, although it is discontinued I think it is by far the most popular and versatile. Kim who I bought my original Cricut from told me if I don't get any other carts that this is one I have to have!! So here it is Tags, Bags, Boxes and More!!


Here are images of the main chart

As you can tell there is a large variety in it - something for every occasion!! This is a full cart.
SKU# 29-0022

Here are a few links for cart itself from Cricut

And now for the goodies, what can you do with this cart!!! Since this cart is retired I thought I would add video tutorials instead of just completed projects. You can go to You Tube and search the cart name and you can find anything you ever wanted to make in there I think - but here are a few....but first look at this adorable box..

This box with the flower on the top was made by Jenna at My Favorite Things  - head on over there to see how she made this box.

And the next one is from Creations with Christina she did an entire series and it is amazing!!! I am only having her first one here with links to the rest of them. If you have never visited her site it is well worth it!! As always here is link to her site to find the orginal tutorial http://www.creationswithchristina.com/search/label/Tags%20bags%20boxes%20and%20more%20video%20series.
Her series videos are jammed packed with everything you wanted to know about the topic. Do yourself a favor and watch them all, and while you are visiting her place look around - but let me warn you it is easy to loose track of time over there but well worth it!! Enjoy.

Here are links to the rest of them!

Creations with Christina TBBM Part 2

Creations with Christina TBBM part 3

 Creations with Christina TBBM Part 4

Creations with Christina TBBM Part 5

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