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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Iris Paper Folding

The site is called Simplicity of Iris Folding the home page is here http://www.iris-folding.com/index.html  Sarah has done an amazing job setting up this site. It is jam packed loaded with all aspects of iris paper folding and well worth time to browse through it. I know this is where I will be heading when I get the wits about me to try this lol. But she seems to make it easy to understand and with a very vast amount of patterns and ideas...great place to hang out at on a weekend afternoon with lap full of paper. Hope you enjoy this as much I plan on. I have tried numerous times to email her to ask permission to have this posted but for whatever reason there are issues with her email thing....so if you know this lady please let her know that I would like to hear from her...thanks...in the mean time sit back and relax and enjoy this great site!!
Someone in one the groups I am in shared this site - and it is loaded!! I mean loaded with everything about iris folding....design paper you can download and print, patterns, ideas all for free (which is my favorite thing   FREE). Since I really want to try iris folding I have been keeping watch for really great sites and this is definitely a keeper so of course I am sharing it with all of you. Enjoy!!
  I decided to snatch a few photos so you can get an idea of some of the amazing things they have....but you are going to have to go to their site to get full instructions....and you never know what else you might find.....so grab yourself something to drink, sit back and head on over to Iris Folding.com.....

Here is a little blurb direct from the site...
Sarah has been a crafter in the Missouri Ozarks  for over 30 years.  She has designed pattern packets for country wood crafts, makes candles and homemade goat milk soaps, as well as designs, makes and sells iris folding greeting cards.  Sarah has a natural artistic ability to draw, in pencil and ink, anything she sees or visualizes.  This made it easy for her to compile this book for your enjoyment. 

  Making her products is what sparked the idea of making greeting cards.  “Why not make this a ‘one-stop’ shopping experience.”  For many years, she applied her ink drawings to the front of greeting cards.  Over the last couple of years, Iris Folding has consumed most of her time.  She has converted some of her ink drawings into Iris Folding templates.  Now she wants to share them with you.  You will find that her patterns are simple, yet very elegant!

Never been to Missouri?  Lake of the Ozarks is located 150 miles north of Branson and is considered to be centered in the 'Heart' of Missouri!  We're one of the largest vacation destinations in Missouri. 

email me

the Simplicity of Iris Foldingis a subsidiary of Ozark Candle Cottage
Following below will be samples of various parts of the site. But you will have to go to the site to get all the details (and maybe look around to see all the details and instructions) Plus they have so many things to look at and get ideas from!! This is a great addiion to this collection and will fit in perfectly with rest of the blog!!  Can you imagine this cake to give as favors loaded with mints or candies, they would be decorated to fit the theme oh the list is endless - visit the site for more detailed instructions.                                                                                      

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Here is one of the free projects completed  (they have many more free ones- I picked this one since hearts can be used anywhere/- of course they have complete instructions on their site..just wanted to give you a little taste of what you might find under projects. How cute would this be filled with goodies to give out after parties or just fill to give to someone special....the possibilities are endless!! Hearts never go out of style - and of course the site has full instruction.

I just think this is so adorable and so completely versatile- change the colors the decorations and you can go from elegant dinner to a child's parts. I am not looking for an excuse to make one

Next I found was states that were designed with iris folding (never knew anyone had even done this) So here is a little teaser - and of course you need to visit site to get all instructions. So to start off with this section is called States and first one up is Ohio - be sure to see if your state is there.

State of Ohio
Tell me doesn't that just look amazing?? and they have a number of other states already there....if you are wondering which ones they have you just might have to head on over and look arounnd..

And next up is a sampling of paper patterns that are all arranged so you can find the easier, there is a page of links and there are a nice variety of paper patterns to use...here are just a couple I selected randomly.





There is even designs, shapes and even set of alphabets and shapes here are a couple samples. Check main site for all details to create these amazing pieces....Good Luck!!


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