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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Canvas...Creating art beyond your scrapbook!!

I had seen this done and I was blown away and how wonderful they looked!. Do you have a special moment, or want to create a beautiful piece of art for someone? Here is the solution - take your scrapbook page and move it out of the scrapbook to create a one of a kind piece of art that can be hung or displayed. Not sure where to begin, the let Canvas Corp show you supplies and how to create your own masterpiece. While they are giving their site a make-over you can head over to their blog Canvas Corp for even more idea, challenges and prizes. The possibilities are endless, and with ideas being shared and all of the resources here - your new passion is just a click away...what are you waiting for??

With a complete online resource nothing should hold you back now!!  Here is a peek at what you will find with them....I got lost on their site looking around!!

With a feature Friday, you will see something new every week to try - and with a list of supplies and photos. Here is the current Feature Friday...with all the details on the site.

In the Let's Get Creative section you will find ideas and projects to get you started and keep you going!! Are you wondering how to move from your paper to canvas...they have a number of helpful hints and ideas to get you there...check out this amazing piece!!!

Let's Craft - more ideas and projects along with contests like this one - making banners!! Already thinking about the projects you can create??? Learn how to using other mediums like burlap here!

You have taken the plunge and have decided to create your own art...In the section Let's Decorate you can find even more ideas and and learn how to display it! I just love this photo wreath!!

Don't miss out on Let's Design, where you learn how to transform your area with help from professionals..they even have a kit you can buy to learn HomeSpacing. IMHO I thought this was great!! I don't know how many times I have rearranged and decorated so I could get the right look and feel in a room!

And don't forget to check out Love It! where they will showcase projects from all over!

With all of this at the click of a mouse....what are you waiting for??

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring Canvas Corp! We have a lot of great products to design with!