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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Copics To Copic of Not...That is the Question..

Last night I was talking with Dana from the group Split Coast Stampers. I had just been asking a variety of questions unrelated to each other (learning all sorts of lil tid bits!!). Then she made one comment - and it caught my attention completely!! "I just love my Copics!!" All I could think of was why????? The cost, wasn't impressed with what I thought was a competitors brand, they don't last long, ruining the tips when you blend - these were reasons I never looked twice at them. You know me...I asked why and brought up all my reasons - in some detail so she really understood. Her response to me...will forever more change my view - thus the need to Copic!! So let's go Copic!!

First off the very basics:

The main differences
-The number of colors available
-Airbrush Compatibility
-Ink Capacity
-Nib Types
-All use same refills (which are very inexpensive!! Bonus!)
Sketch Marker is available in 344 colors - shares nibs with Ciao
Copic Marker comes in  214 colors - most nib choices - these only fit Copic
Ciao is available in 144 colors - holds least amount of ink, won't fit into airbrush system
Airbrush Systems, you will want to purchase only the Sketch and Copic Markers.  The body of the Ciao marker is too small to fit into the Copic Air Grip. I strongly suggest searching videos if you have never seen this - very unique and amazing effects.

Want to know what a Copic is...well the best place to begin at Copic. Of course they are loaded with everything - you can even d/l their color charts to keep track of which ones you have. I called them as I was overwhelmed as to where to start my collection - yes they have help for that!! All you need is a basic starting color and they will help to choose 3 colors that will work well together with their color palette.

By now I am sure you have checked out pricing..ouch I know!! So I did a little bit more research on where others purchased them. A number of companies were pointed out, and some clubs as well - I don't mind signing up if it means great pricing..but customer service and shipping has to all be there as well. To narrow down one company at times seemed difficult, but once again Dana to the rescue!! She recommended Oozak.com and since she obviously knew her stuff when it came to Copics I took her word and headed over to Oozak, set up an account and placed my first order! All I can say is she has now been correct 100%, they don't even nail you on shipping!!!! I see a bright future with Copics (and without breaking the bank!!!).  Next step....Learn!!

Now that we have the details out of the way...let's have fun and see what people are doing!!!

If you haven't figured it out I love You Tube!! As I was drowning myself silly in videos in the side panel was one marked Copic Basics : A Beginner's Tutorial - well hey perfect for me!!! This is not a company that sell it...as I began watching it I realized I was completely consumed IMHO Suzanne really does an excellent job at explaining AND showing what the basics are, I will admit I learned a lot from her and even subscribed to her. I hope you enjoy her tutorial as much as I did!!!

You know I will be adding to this as I discover this Copic world!! LOL are you realizing that I truly had no clue about these!! I have been led to people that are amazing with their Copics and will be adding tutorials and links as soon as I get it all sorted out!
Until next time....

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