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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Inchies - A what??? Answer and Ideas

If that was your response to what an inchie is...and still want to know I have found the answer! Or maybe you just want a few ideas..found those to. While in my search for the answer I came across a new site Lockhart Stamp Company! They had put together a really nice presentation about inchies! As I was looking around their place I knew I had to include in my little blog world - what better way than introduce something new to me! If you are always looking for new stamps - here's one!! The site is loaded with information and stamps! If you find something you want....go to their Buy Stamps and find a retailer near you. I think I could go on and on..but instead I will let them speak for themselves. This posting is longer than most...but worth it!

Let's get started!

Inchies are a little like eating chocolate for the first time... One taste and there's no turning back. Well, it's the same with Inchies! Whether it's creating, collecting and trading, it's so much fun! Don't forget to visit Inchie Arts (Inchie Supplies) for all of your Inchie supplies.
This is a great frame that I've made into 9 magnet boards featuring individual Inchies and an Inchie puzzle (one image cut into 2 or more 1" sections). Here's a smaller version. With this frame I "framed" each Inchie with a slender slip of paper that I glued on to the 4 edges, forming a frame. I like the clean, visual snap.
Grouping Inchies by color or themes provides a visually strong presentation.
3D Affect
Inchies used in cards can add a nice 3D affect.
Displaying, Storing & Recording Inchies
Covering wooden moulding with scraps of paper makes a great display for Inchies from friends.
Thanks, Carlie and Vee!
I use my Inchie Arts Index© to keep track of Inchies I have traded with friends. My pages are filling fast.
This is my storage box for my paper Inchies, ready for me to stamp on directly or cut out images and apply to the front of my designs.

 Next Up!!!

The following are just a small sample of a couple parts of the site...head over there to see everything!! Karen put together a great selection!!

Their Stamps
You know your getting started in the butterfly section right?? My Fav!!
Ever see a stamp and not be sure unless you see it colored in?? Someone over there has and created a solution. I cannot get the rollover to work here, but if you move your mouse over the basic stamp on the site - it shows in full color! How sweet is that. Here is one of their stamps - yes a butterfly!

Checkered Butterfly 2064

Secondly  Tips and Techniques -

Tips & Techniques 1: Karen's List of Favorite Pencils   tips1
Learn how to use colored pencils to create unique and special designs for yourself or friends and family. Karen will cover the selection and care of your pencils, how to ensure clean artwork and finally, a list of Karen's favorite Prismacolor © colored pencils.

Go to Karen's List of Favorite Pencils

Tips & Techniques 6: Stocking of Sweet Treats
Something for Christmas? How about coloring the Sweet Treats stocking?
Go to Stocking of Sweet Treats


And finally Favorites - who doesn't have their favorites? One of theirs was perfect for this!!

Inchie Arts
Inchie Arts is your source for everything Inchies! From artist quality Inchie supplies to creative ideas from top designers...everything you need for making, displaying, organizing and collecting your Inchies!
You'll find white and black inchie squares, Inchie papers, Inchie Magnets, Inchie Art Magnetic Display Board, an Inchie Index, an Inchie Binder, Inchie Binder Replacement Cover and Inchie Pocket Pages.
Check out the Inchie Arts products at:

Inchie Arts products are available at your favorite stamp or scrapbook store.
Also visit Lisa's blog at:

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