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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Peachy Keen Stamps Ideas

Peachifying Everything

 I decided to do a posting on Peachy Keen Stamps. In groups it is asked does anyone know of a stamps for.....?? Well theses stamps can fill in the dotted line!! I will be adding to this post continuously since they always come out with new sets - nope there is no particular order. I am going to "try" to get a sample a each set - of course I might find some that I just have to have also. Under each image will be stamp set used and link to it on the website so you can see whole set. Warning: These stamps are addictive!!! But oh so adorable!! There will also be a link to original posting so you can see what was used to create these pretties. Peachy Keen Stamps also carry a number of other fun toys, want to know what they are?? Hehe check out their website..click on the blinky above to take you there.
Don't forget to check out their sizing chart to ensure you get the correct size you need.

I fell over when I first saw this!!
PK-450 Wide Eyed Kids Face Assortment
I just love this set!!!!!
OK I must admit I just found this set and I love it!!!
 I know I know...it's not a face set but this set is so adorable!!!
You have to check out the whole set!!!
Another set I have never seen!! I can hear my bank account going dry...
Believe it or not...this is an altered clutch purse
This is their most popular set!!

Sarah at Pink By Design did this one - another favorite of mine!
This set must be seen...hysterical!!!

YES YES YES I know...the following are not faces - but you have got to see them!!!

PK-636 Pumpkin House Accessories

PK-637 Lisa Jean Halloween
Now aren't you happy that I showed you these...and there are so many different sets!!!

I think these are the best!! And combine them with the faces!!!
 PK-272 Faceless Veggies Three
PK-271 Faceless Veggies Two
PK-270 Faceless Veggies ONE
Isn't this little fella cute as can be!
PK440-Cute and Cuddly Face Assortment
 Hop on over now and see how this was made
Well I figured since I have given a sneak peek on other products I have to show these!
Cottage Cutz Dies
Kathy made this demo (I think she just wanted an excuse to make penguins)

Well I am tired for now.....never worry I will add more ideas!
Until next time Happy Stamping!! 


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