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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Stamps - where to find your favorites

I am having a hard time getting links to work..if one is broken please let me know!
Since the discovery of Copics I have been looking at more stamps (that I can color in!!) and digi stamps came up. So off to the world of digi stamps! I have found, and others share their favorite digi stamp sites. Since I will guess this is going to get lengthy I decided to just do a posting on them and add them in as I find them. Am I missing your favorite place....let me know so I can add it. Please share your experiences with digi's and sites that offer them!

Peachy Keen Stamps
They have the cutest stamp faces for everything!


Digi stamps

Digi and rubber stamps
Elisabeth Bell's Digital Collection
Digi and rubber


  1. So I'm trying to catch up on following blogs from The Outlawz... Are you a member at Crafter's Digital Art Center (CDAC)? Great place to find a bunch of digi artists. Plus, there's always http://www.freedigitalstamps.blogspot.com/ . They're nice enough to tell you where to get free digis every day!

    Congrats on the 100+ followers!

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