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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dryer Sheet Technique

Well I am a happy blogger today, Jo with It's My Creative World has given me permission to share some of her unique tutorials!! Be sure to visit her site...never know what else she has over there. She also has a nice selection of cards that she has made, I saw some for almost every occasion!
Here is the first one that really caught my attention...hmmm imagine using a new one for a summer card - seeing and smelling fresh flower scent?? Yes?? I love trying to see if I can find different ways to do things. Her tutorials are so well done!!

Dryer Sheet Technique
Items needed for project:
Used dryer sheet
Various cardstock for your card and ribbon (optional)
Dazzling Diamonds glitter or one like it
A printed digi image (you can also use a rubber stamped image)
Type of adhesive such as Xyron, glue stick, double sided adhesive sheets or spray adhesive

This is a very simple technique to do. I will show three different adhesives used. The glue stick, double sided adhesive and Xyron.
Glue Stick

  1. 1. Cut your used dryer sheet about ¼ inch bigger than you stamp image.
    2. You will take your printed or stamped image and cover the entire surface (the image side) with glue stick. Make sure you get all the way to the edges.
    3. Carefully lay your dryer sheet over the glue and smooth down. It might be a little bumpy in spots but that is ok because it just gives it more dimensions.
    4. Now turn you image over and adhere the extra to the back of the cardstock (you can cut the extra off but this gives it a more finished look).
I used a double sided tape so that is would show up in the picture. You can just use the glue stick as well.
This is what is should look like after you have either trimmed or adhered the excess to the back.
5. Turn you image back over and sprinkle the glitter over the entire image and tap excess off. I use a coffee filter to catch excess glitter for reuse.
This is where the real beauty shows. Got to love glitter!

Next up : Double sided adhesive sheet. You will notice that it has a slight tint and relatively even. Some may like this look. I used one call Therm O Web for my double sided adhesive.
Double sided adhesive sheet
Apply the double sided adhesive sheet over your image and cut down to size. Once this is complete peel to expose your adhesive then follow steps 3, 4 and 5 from Glue Stick method.

Next Up: Xyron

Run your image through your Xyron machine. Make sure you put your image through the Xyron upside down so that the adhesive will be on the front of the image Once this is complete peel to expose your adhesive then follow steps 3, 4 and 5 from Glue Stick method.

You will notice that this is similar to the Glue stick method as far as appearance.

Here is a shot of all three methods I used here for you to compare.

The next part is up to your creativity, putting a card together. I have photos of each method used with my card design. I think a snow scene or a stained glass image would look really nice using this technique.

I hope you enjoyed this and that it will inspire you to try making cards and projects using this technique. I know that this goes back a number of years but seems to have resurfaced again. As they say,”something old is new again”.

Here are a few that she made....

This is done using Stampin Up stamps. I used a dryer sheet over the images using a glue stick and then sprinkled glitter on to the while the glue is still wet.

This is the same technique just done with fall colors.


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