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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Never Ending Card

I have made this card several times in the past, the first few definitely didn't make the cut - literally..it was more like a never card since I could never get it to work. But I was determined to make them because I just thought they were so amazing and fun to open up. Dawn from Stampin 'Up made this great tutorial - thanks Dawn!! I found it while I was searching for a tutorial..should of stopped at her place first. Here is link and the tutorial - she even did a video which is really helpful! Enjoy!!


The Never ending card ..

Photo_of_my_never_ending_card_for_blog  Howdy everyone ..  Can you believe it . 2 Tutorials  in 1 week ? YUP  I was wondering how in the world I was going to upload over 15 photos for this tutorial  so I  was thinking I would post the  directions here on my blog  BUT have you   go to my  web shots gallery to see the finished  card ..  I also want to  tell you all that  I will not be posting tomorrow  due to the size of  my post today ..(  I  will be close to  my allowed MB space and bandwidth with this post .. Plus I  want everyone to be able to find  these directions  so it will remain at the top  for the weekend ..  I  also wanted to  do this tutorial  on this card because  when I 1st started stamping( over 3 years ago )  I  never found  a half way descent   tutorial on  the never ending card  .. Sure HGTV had one  from Carol Duval  show  But I was totally lost  when following  her directions so Hopefully   this tutorial will help you  create your own  never ending card .. Just a FYI ~ you can click on each step for a larger view . Okey dokey .. Let get started shall we .
#1 you will cut your cs in to 4 pieces  each piece measures 3X6


#2 score all 4 pieces   at 1.5 vertical as shown in the  photo

#3 Ok now score  on  both ends of each piece at 1.5 "

#4 Ok now  butt 2 of your pieces  together and have the both center lines going  Horizontal( long ways ) . now  apply  your adhesive in the  4 corners ONLY as shown in photo. Make sure  your 2 pieces are  butted  next to each other with out any gaps .

#5 Ok now take your 2 remaining  pieces  and lay them on top of your  project  you did in step 4 BUT have your  remaining  2 pieces   the center lines  going vertical ( up and down )  make sure all pieces are lined up  and  are ONLY attached by the 4 corners  with adhesive as shown in photo.Once you finished   thats it .. NOW what? the never ending card  begins

#6 always  start with your never ending card  with the  front center lines  going  vertical ( up and down )  now open  the  center  panels  to each side as shown in photo  with  panels going to back and panels going to side ( the back panels  should  go  all the way to backside  leaving those 2 panels you opened  on the sides )..and SCORE the folds very  good.. These next steps   remember to score all panels you open  this makes it much easier to glide through the never ending card . Because as 1st its a little stiff..

#7 Now  take the center  of your card and  open to top and bottom  as shown in the photo . Making sure your scoring all along  the fold lines  when you open  each  section

#8 Ok this  is what you  card should look like now,  like a cross  some what  and you can see  by the  center  this will be  the next panels  that   are opened .. So opening your center panels  to each side ( like your opening a book )  This will take  you to the next  frame of the never ending card ...  you still with me .. We are almost done

#9 This is what it looks like when opening  step 8.. Keep going your doing great!!

# 10  this is the last  frame of your  never ending card before you  open the center panels again and you will be back at the beginning   did you remember to score all  your panels folds .. this is very important  to the never  ending  card . ok so open the  center  flaps  one going up and one going down ..( flip  the panel  all the way to backside  This is going to reveal  the  front of your  card in step 11 below )  . 

#11 Congrats you made it back to the beginning  .. You made your never ending card  YAHOO!
Now  I usually  always stamp my never ending card  when it has been  all  put together, and scored .. This way it helps me to now where to stamp my images  in each  frame of the never ending card .. BUT remember  there are overlaying  panels  so when you stamp  , go to the next frame to see what all will stay  so you  don't have images  somewhere floating   out of the blue ..  Ok  next I have all the finished  photos  of my stamped  never ending card  on my web shots gallery  which you can view HERE For my  never ending card I used the retired set PERFECT PARTY in of course the purple family  of  ink colors ( orchild  opulence , lovely lilac )  cant wait to see all of your never ending cards .. so fun to make and especially fun to give  . your finished  card measures   6x6   so you can mail these  in  SU!   large sq envelopes  that measure 6.5 X 6.5
Hope this tutorial helps you in your search for the never ending card ..
please let me know if you have any questions I will try to help and  also your comments  on this tutorial will be  appreciated . Thank you all for  peeking into today  and  I will see you all on Monday
Until later .. Happy stampin!!

And as I said here is her video...

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